In 2008, the Wake County Board of Commissioners adopted a goal to address the roadside litter problem in Wake County. The 86it Anti-Litter Campaign launched in 2010, with strategies and tactics to thoughtfully engage citizen participation in addressing litter.

Every one of us can be a litterer given the right circumstance: from intentionally littering because there isn’t a receptacle nearby to the unintentional escape of a piece of trash from a car door or unsecured load.

The goal of 86it is to change littering behavior and to instill a sense of community pride and responsibility by encouraging a culture that believes:

1. littering is unacceptable to me and those around me;

2. every piece of litter hurts the image of my community and is harmful to the environment; and

3. I’m responsible for my own trash.

In order to achieve these goals 86it is taking a multifaceted approach to changing behavior through  community outreach, organized cleanups, high school program development and an aggressive upbeat social media and marketing campaign.